DeepBlue Consulting

It was a great experience working with DeepBlue Consulting’s CEO Annika and translating her clear design idea’s to an online format via a truly multi-lingual bespoke website.

DeepBlue Consulting was founded in 2018 and specialises in designing digital marketing campaigns by using communication, psychology and additionally specific advertising psychology.

The company designs campaigns which use colours, text and sales strategies that customers connect with. The main goal is to build an emotional connection between your product / service and your customers.

Services provided

Bespoke Website Creation, Introductory SEO, Website Hosting, Email Account Creation, Social Media Integration, Telephone Support, Email Support

Sample Pages

homepage - English language version
homepage - German language version

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Annika Turski - DeepBlue Consulting CEO

Annika Turski

CEO / Founder

"Kevin did a fantastic job in realising my vision for the DeepBlue Consulting website.
He was very patient, knowledgable and is top-notch in implementing technical solutions.

The website wouldn’t have not come to live as it is, if it wasn’t for Kevin’s expertise"