The Jackie Life


Jackie in her own words is an old fashioned London girl who tells you like it is, without the fluff. is very much a dynamic site allowing Jackie to post on Instagram and have the content displayed automatically online without the need for replication.

The site has four main topics which are Fashion & Beauty, Health & Fitness, Lifestyle & Relationships and Intimacy.

Jackie creates fantastic blogs posts covering all these topics and even has her own YouTube channel which you can visit here which I was instrumental in creating with Jackie and curating it accordingly.

Client Testimonial

"Thank you for the great job you did designing and constructing The Jackie Life influencer web site.

I was impressed by both your creative direction and flexibility as well as the overall vision for the site. Also, the backroom template you provided is great and very user friendly!

I would highly recommend ColdFlame Designs to work colleagues and please use as a reference for your future clients."

Jackie Mcnamara

Founder / Blogger

Health & Beauty Blog post
Health & Beauty main screen

Services provided

Bespoke Website Creation, Custom Graphic Creation, Introductory SEO, Email Account Creation, Social Media Integration, Telephone Support, Email Support, Video Support

The Jackie Life 'key colours' used

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