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Websites are here to stay (4 reasons why)

"At the time of writing this journal, over 99,000 Google searches are submitted every second. With figures like these, the importance of having a strong search presence starts to make sense."

Websites, they're here to stay!

The Internet has never met a mind it didn’t connect with on some level. It is the go-to resource for almost everything, a manual for inspiration, conversation, a how-to guide for living your best life, the main point of social contact, and an endless playground for intellectuals and creatives alike to cultivate and express themselves. The Internet is a millennial queen bee, a popularity seeker, with consumers willing to protect her at every cost. Don’t believe me? Try turning the Wi-Fi off in your household for a day. The demand for digital media offers business owners and creatives a golden opportunity; the ability to easily capture the attention of a global audience.

Social media is known for being one of the fastest ways of establishing a digital presence – with the ability to quickly connect with customers, the usefulness of a website is called into question. Why should you part with your hard earned cash to build a new website when you can make a Facebook page in an evening? The answer is simple. Your social platform simply acts as a funnel to your true home in this digital world; your website. 

Here are our four top reasons on why websites are essential for your brand and why they’re to stay.

Tell your story, the way it should be told

Websites allow complete control over how your story is narrated through elements such as words, drawings, photos, graphics and videos. These elements contribute to creating a platform that is identifiably and functionally your own. Websites offer complete creative freedom which is a far cry from the uniformity of social media, where your brand is constantly swimming against the current of standardised colour and design.

Optimising your marketing budget

Websites allow yourself to track the movement of your guests. What platforms are visitors coming from? What do they want? Where do they live? With this analytical gold mine, you’re able to hone in on your marketing strategy and convert more for less.

How to get discovered online

At the time of writing this journal, over 99,000 Google searches are submitted every second. With figures like these, the importance of having a strong search presence starts to make sense. Ranking highly on Google is no easy task, especially if your only weapon of choice is your social media accounts. With a website (and a search engine specialist) in the mix, you’re able to give yourself a fighting chance.

A thing of inspiration and motivation

Websites inspire not just the visitor, but also the owner. There is guaranteed to be another human out there with the same idea as you – but take this as a positive. Thanks to our queen The Internet, you now have a worldwide database of similar websites to unravel. Dig into The Internet’s nooks and crannies, the real nitty gritty sites that inspire and motivate you and set up your digital presence the way you want it.

Wrapping up, final thoughts

The digital world… it’s waiting for you. If you’re looking at diving into digital, it is important not to skip social media, but to remember that it is not the final destination. Social media is smart and interactive marketing platform that is designed to hook users into your main hub; your website.

Where to go from here? Website building platforms are great if you want something fast or temporary, but just remember that you’re limited by your creativity and experience. If you’re really wanting to impress your market with a well-built and visually striking website that speaks to your brand, it wouldn’t hurt to consider employing the skills of an experienced agency, like us.

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